2020 Safety Guidelines

This is Rick Christine and Nick from Kyuki-Do martial arts and we wanted to take a moment to share with you the Safety Protocols that we have initiated and utilize to ensure a safe environment for you and your families.

When you arrive at the Academy, please place your shoes and socks in the shoe racks while respecting the Safe Distancing Protocol of six feet of separation between families. While in the lobby area, masks will be required.

We have 3 separate Check-In Stations, spaced 6’ apart, which utilize No-Touch digital infrared thermometers to check everyone’s temperature. This includes all parents, siblings, and guests. Anyone who receives a reading that exceeds 100.3 degrees will be checked again. If the temperature again reads over 100.3 degrees, they will be politely asked to leave the Academy and join us via ZOOM Classes until their temperature reduces for 24 hours.

The Check-In Sheet creates a log of everyone who enters the Academy, documenting the date and their name as well as their temperature. After the Check-In Station, we request everyone to either use the provided Hand Sanitizer or wash their hands before moving to the Spectator Viewing Area. Masks are required for all Students, parents, families, and guests while in the Spectator Viewing Area. If you do not have one, one will be provided for you. Per CDC and the IDPH Guidelines, the Academy’s water fountains are CLOSED, therefore, we request all students bring their own water bottles.

To ensure students can train safely and effectively while maintaining Safe Distancing, the Training Floor is separated into individual 8’ x 8’ grids. While masks are NOT required during classes, they are HIGHLY encouraged for all students.

The Academy’s schedule is specifically designed to have 10 & 15 minute breaks between classes to sanitize the mats and any equipment used during classes.

Parent seating has been created to ensure Safe Distancing while in the Spectator Viewing Area as well as surrounding the perimeter of the Training Floor. This allows parents, families, and guests to see their family members as well as be close to them for the “Parent Participation” portion of class. So that students receive the highest levels of training during these challenging times where partner drills between students are not allowed, we require parents or siblings be their family members training partner during the “Parent Participation” portion of classes.

Students, parents, siblings and guests are required to wear a mask while in the Lobby and Spectator Viewing Areas before, during and after classes.